Monday, August 6, 2012

Random Thoughts from the Weekend

"No, you won't catch me.  Nice try."  (USA Today)
Olympic Athletes and Their Training
I think far too many people look to what has worked for others, and try to use their programs for themselves - without realizing that the programs being used for these athletes were designed specifically for them and their needs.  Remember - you can do everything exactly the same as Usain Bolt... but you probably aren't going to be as fast as him.  Same thing applies to trying achieve the body of some other celebrity by using their "fitness" plan... what's worked for them very likely won't work for you in the same way. 

The Media and Their Influence on Fitness
Far too often I read a report on the "training regimen" used by an athlete/actor for their competition/latest role, and I shudder.  In mainstream media these are often misinterpreted or exaggerated for the sake of the story - but it has the result of making the individual look superhuman.  I read a report on Jessica Ennis' "daily" routine, and there's no way she could physically maintain the schedule described without breaking down within a month (or faster).  My suspicion is that they basically described an entire week as a "typical day", but didn't realize it.  


Sadly, in all of these stories, very little (if anything) is said about their recovery/regeneration techniques.  It would seem that rolling and stretching ain't sexy.  

I guess this doesn't sell newspapers.  Go figure.  (Associated Press)
Do It for the Right Reasons
I don't really care what someone does to stay active - personally, I may find it ridiculous, but if it has you up, moving, and having fun, then who really cares what I think?  That being said, one thing that drives me nuts is when people do something for all the wrong reasons.  Sit-ups?  Sure, they're a tough exercise - actually, rather advanced when done correctly.  And as long as this single movement doesn't make up your entire "core" routine, have at 'er.  But your reason better be something other than "I want a six pack".  Don't do sit-ups because you want a six pack, don't run to lose weight, don't join a step class because you hate it less than you hate spinning.  Find something that you love to do for the sake of doing it, then train to be better at it.  That's a long term formula for success.

That's all I gots for ye.  Have a great week.

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