Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cry Baby

I feel safe in the assumption that even the most loving parent can feel frustrated by a crying baby. Crying is an annoying sound (kind of like an alarm clock missing the snooze). It's supposed to be. If it was a pleasant sound, crying would be easy to ignore and the baby's needs would never be met. Crying is a baby's only way of communicating.

You body is like a crying baby. Say what? Think about it. Your body can't tell you with words what it wants, it can only send signals to let you know how it's feeling and it's up to you to figure out what it needs. The only difference between the baby and your body is that sometimes your body is easier to ignore than the baby.

Can you imagine listening to a crying baby 24/7? That sounds like a form of Chinese water torture. Like it or not you and your body are in it for the long haul, and the longer you ignore what it's trying to tell you the more painful it's going to get for you. (Side note: Your body would make a great mobster, and I've clearly been watching too much of the new television show, Vegas!)

The point. The next time you're thinking about working through that annoying 'niggle' stop, shut up and listen. It's your job as parent of your body to figure out what's disrupted its' chi. And, if you have any experience at all with crying babies (or your body) you'll know that pretending it's not happening is not a solution 'cause you won't have a moments peace until you find the source of your discomfort.

There is a time and place for pushing through it 'Rocky style' but this probably isn't one of them. If you push your body, your body is going to push back... and in this instance it has the upper hand. So listen to it and for the love of God calm the crying baby.


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