Monday, December 17, 2012

Skinny Jeans on Men are Not Okay

Seriously - what on earth possesses any man to think that a fashion choice that highlights that your thighs are as small as they were when you were ten years old... is a good one?
This... this is NOT okay.

To take this away from a rant against the fashion establishment, let me just say this: I do like the adjustment that popular culture has made towards what is considered "attractive", both in terms of male and female body types.  However, like everything in our society... it's swung too far.  While we have recognized that the super-thin, waif-like women are not any healthier (and often less so) than their "plus-size" counterparts, the female image that now permeates our media is of the super-jacked, rippling muscles of an Amazon warrior.  For males?  While we no longer strive for the freakishly gargantuan size of the modern bodybuilder, unfortunately, we've gone so far past that point that the romantic leading men are gaunt, whiny vampires that sparkle like diamonds when exposed to sunlight.


I think we need to rein this all back in, and stop fixating on a specific look, or image.  What we should strive for is a complete revamp of attitudes and lifestyle - where how we look is a direct reflection of our efforts to be the best (physically) that we can be.  Eating well, sleeping enough, exercising daily and enjoying some moments of inner peace are not "extra burdens" or "chores" - but simply a part of what we do every day, like brushing our teeth and having a shower.  Until we stop chasing an "image", regardless of what that image might be... we're forever going to be stuck on the pendulum swing, and we will never, ever be happy with who we are.


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