Thursday, January 17, 2013

Movement is My Meditation

I signed up for the UBC Olympic Triathlon this March and the increased volume of training combined with busy days has left me feeling a little rough around the edges.  In an effort to combat my fatigue, give my soul a chance to breathe and my body a break I decided to register for a yoga class once a week.  I start this Friday. 

I’m looking forward to a much needed change of pace but I’m worried about the “meditation moment” found in most classes.  You know that moment when you sit in silence and are supposed to clear your mind but think about everything you could, should, and would be doing if you weren’t sitting in a warm room, with a bunch of people, not moving. That moment worries me. 

This is me "meditating".

As I was telling someone about this the other day I realized that it’s not the "meditating" that gets me, it’s the "not moving".  Now, before you jump to conclusions and peg me as “Type A” give me a chance to explain.  

To me, meditation is the moment when you think without thinking and you are who you are.  It’s when peace presides over the body, mind and soul - which is exactly what I think some yoga instructors are trying to help people achieve.  The problem is I don’t think everyone meditates the same way.  Case in point: I’ve learned that movement is my meditation

When my body is moving, I am at peace.  It’s in these moments that I am my most creative, I am able to make the best decisions and I feel completely at ease.  I could be cleaning my house, lifting weights, going for a run, or taking our dog for a walk.  It doesn’t matter what I’m doing as long as I am doing something.  I know it sounds counter-intuitive, you would think that in order to “shut down” you should literally “shut down” - but it works for me.  And, that’s the point.

Whatever it is and however you practice it, you need to “shut down” - to restore your soul, relax your body and quiet your mind.  Find your peace... wherever it may be.

~ Sasha 

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  1. If it's like the hot yoga that I do, the savasana is simply a break from going gangbusters in the standing series and approaching the floor series. The one or two minutes is absolutely required to calm your breathing and get ready for the next half of the class. There is no meditating -- it's pure survival. I wouldn't worry about it at all.


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