Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mr. Miyagi Had It Right

"Wax on, wax off".  The secret to not only a shiny, "like new" polish on your car... but also to success in fitness and training.  How?  Because of focused repetition and practice.

"Give me a second.  I'm sure there's another chore I don't want to do."

I realized this a couple of weeks ago - I love to read about, evaluate and try new ways to train, new exercises and methodologies - anything that can help develop performance.  But the base, the foundation, is not so much about "how" you're training, but "how often" and "how well".  I thought back to when I was training in Tae Kwon Do, and the fact that our warm up was exactly the same every single training session.  3-5 days a week, I followed the exact same warm-up and cool down.  I started doing the same warm-up (as much as I could remember) every single day, and found that I was moving better, more balanced and more fluently every day.  I felt better during my training sessions, and during regular, every day life.

You see, consistency is the key.  Daily practice and diligence.  Obviously, if you set specific aesthetic or performance based goals, then you have specific daily tasks that you need to practice - but if general health and wellness is your goal, then find a routine that involves a little mobility, a little movement, some balance and some coordination and practice that.  Every day.  From now on.  Then find a way of eating that is natural and unprocessed - I don't care if you go Vegan, or Paleo, or Zone or Atkins - whatever you choose, make sure it's real food.  Then do that every day.  From now on.

Consider it an investment in your future.  For the (relatively small) sacrifice it might require today, the pay-off when you're 70yrs old and still climbing trees and playing frisbee on the beach in your retirement will make it all worthwhile.

Now show me "Paint the Fence".

P.S.  If you've never seen the original Karate Kid, then a) thanks for helping date my pop culture references and b) get out there and see it.  You're missing out.


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