Thursday, May 23, 2013

You Can't Do It All... At One Time

Working with the general population in the fitness industry, you come across all types - the former athlete looking to get back to their top shape, the 40 year old who NOW decides it's time to learn how to move, the executive athlete, the recreational elite... you name it.

That being said, a common problem they all have is a lack of defined vision - sure, they have goals, but they're all over the map and, more often than not, conflicted with one another.  They want to complete this half marathon trail race, that 160km Cycling Fondo, get a six pack for the beach this summer and be able to deadlift 300lbs.  This leads to a training regimen that covers such a broad spectrum that they wind up running themselves into the ground, but never getting any further ahead.

Get off the hamster wheel.  Decide which one is the most important to you at that time and train for it.  Regardless of how long it takes - complete it, check it off the list, and move onto the next thing.  Maybe because you are pressed for time, you choose based on the one that's most realistically accomplished with only 8 weeks of training - or, possibly because it's on the bucket list, you decide to do the one that takes a full year of training.  Either way, committing 100% to a goal gives you that focus, that narrowed spectrum that opens the door to success - and, quite likely, if you stay the course you'll find that some of the other things you've been working towards wind up being achieved as a result.

After all - you can't reach a finish line if you don't choose a race.


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