Thursday, November 28, 2013

I Can't Wear V-Necks

Something I've come to accept is that I can't wear v-necks.  In a sweater, sure - as long as there's a t-shirt underneath.  But as a standalone t-shirt?  Not a chance.

I felt this was pretty much a sure thing, enough so that I never bought them myself.  But a few years ago, my wife bought me a couple for Christmas and while they were very nice - good material, good colors... despite my best efforts, they just looked wrong.

This is sometimes the case with certain exercises for people.  No matter how hard they work at a particular one, it either looks bad or they wind up sore in a way they shouldn't be.  Now, if it's from technique, then having a good coach can help clean that up.  But if it's simply that the way you're built doesn't line up with that particular form of movement, then sometimes... sometimes we have to let that exercise go.  Again, a good coach can help you determine which scenario applies and, if it's the latter, offer some other exercises that will allow you to work that same movement.  But in the end, sometimes we need to be willing to accept that we shouldn't do certain types of exercises, and allow ourselves to move on... simply put, we're not all meant to run long distances or straight-bar deadlift.

Unless we're talking about skinny jeans on men or the "Insanity" program, of course.  Because those are absolutely never okay.


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