Monday, December 30, 2013

Even Coaches Need a Coach

Nowadays in the health and fitness industry, it can be difficult for the average person to know what value their trainer's certification offers.  Generally speaking, every system, piece of equipment and/or style of training has been grabbed by a shrewd business person and had a "certification" attached.  Spinning, bootcamps, kettlebells, cardio kickboxing, barre, Zumba, yoga, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, Indian clubs... I can keep going.  And for every good one, that teaches their participants something of value that they can pass onto their clients, there are nine others that give you a "certification" simply for attending - regardless of whether or not they have an idea how to implement what they've been taught.  Worse, though, are the trainers who have simply learned from books and videos, and never actually been coached themselves - but who then try and teach others this same skill.

The next time you are looking into hiring a coach, instead of asking (and potentially being dazzled by) what their certifications are, instead try to find out what they've been coached in themselves - then decide if whatever they've been taught is the direction you would like your own training to go.  Because whatever style they've been taught/coached is going to have the greatest influence over what they pass onto you - in some way or another.

And if they've never been coached in anything extensively, and/or aren't currently being coached - look somewhere else.

Trust me.


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