Monday, December 16, 2013

The Problem with the "Swiss Army Knife" Approach

You ever try to use the scissors on a Swiss Army pocket knife?  Aside from small gift ribbon, the things are pretty useless for cutting.  Like most of the other items on it, they're good for small, menial tasks that come up - but if you need to do anything more substantial than whittle a hot dog stick at the campfire, or tighten the screw on your drawer, you need to get the actual tool that's needed.

This is one of the biggest problems in the health and fitness industry today - everybody is trying to do everything for their clients/patients, because a) ego prevents them from being willing to share or admit there's something they're not good at, and b) in an effort to save money, clients/patients cut corners.  The thing is, you can't do everything  well as a service provider... at best, you can do multiple things "okay", and at worse, you're doing a disservice by providing one or more sub-par services.  As an example - I would never call myself a "run coach", or try to offer coaching/teaching on running skills - I'm a mediocre runner at best.  But I can coach fundamental movement and strength skills that will help your running, and because I myself receive coaching on running I have experience to fall back on in terms of designing the strength and movement program.  One of the more frustrating things I run into is when I'm working with an athlete, and their skills coach decides to throw in something extra, like 400 burpees and jump squats after practice for "power development", and the athlete comes to our strength session completely fried for our session.

I believe that everyone - from service providers to the clients/patients - would benefit from everybody working together as a team instead of each single-soldier trying to do it all... and until the industry as a whole realizes it, there's going to be a forest full of people each trying to cut down a tree with a saw the size of their finger. 


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