Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It Can't All Be Fun

I read an article today that really resonated with me for a variety of reasons - the following are simply my thoughts based on the article, so you're gonna want to read it first:

 Every Kid Does Not Deserve a Fucking Trophy

My thoughts after reading:
  1. To wit:  I don't have kids, so although I agree with what the article is saying I'm not about to get into a back-and-forth with an actual parent about child-rearing.  However - I think that the general message of this can be applied to ourselves, in work, family and health.
  2. Sometimes shit just needs to get done, and no one else will do it.  Take care of it yourself.
  3. You may not always get along with your family, but they're all you've got.  Weather the bad times, and relish the good.
  4. The counter to the above point: if there is someone who's truly toxic in your life, be it a friend or family member - don't hold their bag of shit (not my line).  If they're willing to address it, offer support and help - but change has to come from them.  Don't keep beating your head against a wall.
  5. Improving your fitness and health is not always "fun".  You need to find ways to keep in enjoyable - tying it into bigger and more exciting goals, or things that you love doing - but to really improve, you have to work at it.  Sometimes that work is really hard.  Sometimes it's not fun.  And sometimes you'll be bad at it.  But quitting is the only real failure.
  6. You don't "deserve" anything.  The world at large doesn't recognize karma or work ethic, so learn to take your own intrinsic satisfaction from doing the right thing and working hard - because if you're doing everything so that someone congratulates on you a job well done, you're destined for disappointment.
  7. Learn to see the value of being a good person and contributing positively to the world around without it being based on a reward - you'll be a happier person.
  8. And finally, stop expecting others to do any of this and being disappointed when it happens.  Everyone else is everyone else - you can only take care of things under your own control.  Anything that's not - let it go.


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