Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pre-Golf Workout

While not everyone either has time, nor enjoys, doing a training session before a golf game, I like doing a light workout prior to most physical activities - just enough to get the blood flowing, raise the heart rate and generally get my mind and body working in sync.

What follows is a session that would take roughly thirty minutes to run through, top to bottom. Goal is to "mobilize" and "activate" the body from top to bottom, raise the heart rate a little, and all without fatiguing yourself prior to the round.

Some notes to keep in mind:
  • For all of the exercises keep the load (number of reps and weight) light, and give yourself an adequate amount of rest between exercises and rounds. I've listed a general repetition range for each exercise, as well as an approximate rest time, but all of these things may be modified based on your own individual feel, both for the day and in general. 
  • This is not an intensive workout, but the exercises should still be learned from a qualified and experienced coach before being implemented - in particular the kettlebell swings.
  • Of course (and this is important), as with everything you read online keep in mind that what follows is for demonstration purposes only - it doesn't constitute or replace proper medical advice or training instruction. Before beginning any exercise or fitness program, confirm with your doctor that you are physically capable of doing so.

Pre-Golf Workout

A) Soft-Tissue Work: 5mins
This is a hot topic in training these days. There seems to be little consensus between experts, experience and research as to when and how it should be done. I like to do it for no more than five minutes, hitting some of the spots that generally need to loosen up before a game - specifically, my hips (glutes, hip flexors) and upper back (thoracic spine). I have found that a quick, light to moderate pressure for about 10-15 passes pretty much takes care of things. Don't spend more than this on it, and don't grind and mash on one spot for an extended period.

B) Movement Prep: 10mins
Keep these movements brisk, and work within the range of motion that your body gives you - hopefully that increases a bit with each repetition/round. Go through this circuit 2x, or until 10mins has passed.
  • Half Kneeling Ankle Wall Mobility x 5ea
  • Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch x 5ea
  • Butterfly Stretch x 10
  • Knee/Ankle Rotations x 10ea
  • Arm Circles (Forward and Backward) x 10ea
  • Trunk Rotations x 5ea
  • Unloaded Good Mornings with Thoracic Rotation x 10ea
  • Alternating Lateral Lunge x 5ea

C) Workout: 15mins
Perform this circuit 3-4x through, or until the 15mins is complete. Keep the rest minimal between exercises, and 60-90secs between sets.
  • Single Arm Kettlebell Swing x 10ea
  • Isometric Push Ups x 3-4 (with 10sec holds at the bottom)
  • TRX Rotational Single Arm Row x 5-8ea
  • Single Leg Romanian Deadlift x 5-8ea (contralateral load)

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