Thursday, November 16, 2017

Underwear is Like Fitness

Okay, I'll admit it. I was purposefully vague and connected two seemingly disparate thoughts in the title specifically to draw you in. But bear with me - I promise to bring them together.

Let's say your current crop of knickers are wearing a little thin, so you head out to restock your underwear drawer. At one place, you can purchase a bulk pack of trunks for the low, low price of $9.99. Tempting, but you don't want to take the first good deal you see, so you head over to the small, boutique store where you find a top end set that runs you up to $90 for a single pair.

The question is - do you get a good value on either end?

You'll find people who will argue "Yes" to either end of the spectrum - I mean, on the one hand, you could say that when a pair of drawers costs only $2 it doesn't matter how long they last, and on the other you could say that the comfort, quality and durability of the $90 pair makes them worth it. But my experience has been that when you go for the super-cheap, quantity-based set then a) every pair will fit a little different and b) they may only last (literally) 1-2 wearings - both of which means you have to replace them all so quickly you inevitably wind up wasting money. Clearly, then, you should spend top dollar and go for quality, right? Well, again, (in my experience) while they will feel great and fit as well on the first day as they do when you have to retire them, they don't actually last THAT much longer to be worth the price tag. Best bet: look somewhere in the middle of the price spectrum - where you're getting high quality without paying extra for the name.

Same goes for fitness.

$50 a month for unlimited classes (about $2.50 per class if you went 5x a week)? You're getting the fitness equivalent of underwear that falls apart in the first load of laundry. Private training session? Unless you are brand new to training (in which case you may need to do 2-3 of these sessions to get up to speed) or are rehabilitating from a serious injury, you're paying extra for something you don't need. 

Unless you're buying tea candles at Ikea, don't look for the cheapest product, or measure value based strictly on quantity. Instead, try thinking about it this way: what is the maximum amount you can budget, and what is the highest quality you can get with that? 

Because unlike underwear, your health and wellness isn't something you should gamble with by purchasing in bulk.

Just my two cents.


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